Manchester United 4-0 Reading – 7th January 2017 – Old Trafford



Some United Photos 2006-2007

Found some old photos on a disc somewhere. Will try to find some more from off my old phones.

Interview – Gaz Coombes

Gaz Coombes spoke to me about his new solo album, his old band Supergrass, and supporting Manchester United. The interview was published in April’s United We Stand (issue 248).

We had a good chat, and below are some parts of the interview which were not published in the initial article.

Gaz Coombes BW (c) Rankin 2014

Writing and recording ‘Matador’, his second solo album, has had an impact on Coombes attending United matches:

“The last 12 months have been tricky. I guess I’ve been buried in the studio so very little time to get over and see the games. It comes and goes.”

Despite this, Coombes has kept up to date with the Season so far.

“I think a little bit of perspective and realism in terms of what is happening,” suggests Coombes. “I know it is a cliché, but it is a real transitional time at the moment. I don’t think it was to be expected that van Gaal would come in and
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What’s the Mata with Wayne’s Wages?

Well what a prospect the front four of Rooney, van Persie, Mata and Januzaj poses to be. There were glimpses against a stubborn Crystal Palace of a quartet as talented as the three-pronged attack which took us to Moscow. Juan Mata, the latest to join, and whose signing gave the whole Club a lift (he was just the business for Chelsea, wasn’t he?), can now also claim an unexpected attribute shared by the other members of this quartet. Recent contract extensions for Jaunzaj and Rooney (now amongst the world’s highest-paid players), have shown MUFC appearing to be in a position of strength. So much so that I heard and read similar comments when they put pen to paper as to when van Persie and Mata signed:

‘See, the Glazers aren’t so bad, are they?’

Well yes, they really f***ing are.


Woodward, Rooney and Moyes. Photo (C) Sporting Life

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