Interview – Gaz Coombes

Gaz Coombes spoke to me about his new solo album, his old band Supergrass, and supporting Manchester United. The interview was published in April’s United We Stand (issue 248).

We had a good chat, and below are some parts of the interview which were not published in the initial article.

Gaz Coombes BW (c) Rankin 2014

Writing and recording ‘Matador’, his second solo album, has had an impact on Coombes attending United matches:

“The last 12 months have been tricky. I guess I’ve been buried in the studio so very little time to get over and see the games. It comes and goes.”

Despite this, Coombes has kept up to date with the Season so far.

“I think a little bit of perspective and realism in terms of what is happening,” suggests Coombes. “I know it is a cliché, but it is a real transitional time at the moment. I don’t think it was to be expected that van Gaal would come in and

we’d shoot up the table to the top and everything would be all rosy again.”

Coombes is speaking to UWS days after the draw at Cambridge:

“We just don’t have that United identity,” he suggests “At Cambridge the other night, I don’t think I’ve seen a game where we’ve missed Rooney as much. Fair enough Di Maria has moments of brilliance, but it really felt like we needed some balls, man, real guts. And that’s what Rooney gives you.“

The question is put to Coombes whether the Boat Race rivalry meant he got any extra stick, as an Oxford-based Red:

“Not really, I don’t know how apparent that is in footballing terms, but I wasn’t really getting any. It was a mad game,” continues Coombes, “but why the F.A. Cup’s so good. Mourinho has a point with saying ‘disgrace’. I mean on paper, you gotta say, it should have been 5-0 to united, you can’t blame the pitch or the ground. I guess it just shows how well Cambridge played. They actually played really fucking well so good on ‘em. Good on Cambridge.”

Talk turns to United’s performance over the season.

“It’s also missing Vidic and Ferdinand at the back,” Coombes suggests. “It’s not like we lost them too soon, you have to accept that’s the end of the line, but we’ve not replaced them. That’s always what Ferguson did amazingly, somehow. It wasn’t like an immediate replacement, but someone he’d bed-in the year before, so, by the time it was time for them to step up, they were ready. Ferguson was a master at that.”

The main part of the interview was published in United We Stand. For more info and to subscribe (print or digital), visit:



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