Album Review – The Earth: Keltic Voodoo Boogaloo

Review of ‘Keltic Voodoo Boogaloo’, the second album by The Earth, for (sic) Magazine. You can read the full review here. There is also a Soundcloud link to preview tracks online at the end of the review.


Cian Ciaran, the Super Furry Animals keyboard player, sent me a copy and invited me to review the album. Daffyd Ieuan, the SFA drummer who formed The Earth, also got in touch to provide some info on the album. Ciaran mixed record, and is credited with playing Keyboards too.

“When compiling an end-of-year list of 2013′s greatest albums, [sic] proclaimed that one positive of Super Furry Animals taking a hiatus is that ‘we get even more records from the various members.’ Since that article’s featured album, (They Are Nothing Without Us, the second solo work by keyboardist Cian Ciaran), 2014 has already seen worthy releases by singer Gruff Rhys (his fourth solo album, American Interior) and bassist Guto Pryce (the debut record with his Gulp band). And now, as if we have not been spoilt enough,The Earth, formed by SFA sticksman Dafydd Ieuan and former Catatoniasongwriter-and-guitarist Mark Roberts, release their second album, Keltic Voodoo Boogaloo…”

You can read the full review here.



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