Poll: Mansun Fans – What Are You Hoping For In 2014?

2014 looks like being an exciting year for fans of Mansun. Ten years since the band’s split, 2013 saw a flurry of public activity and interviews (details below). But what are you hoping for this year? You can choose multiple options, or add your own answer! (I will list these in the post comments at the bottom of the page, or you can add them yourselves)

What are you hoping for?

The chances of a Draper solo record seem to be increasing, with the fan petition (see below) suggesting fan pressure for its release. Do you want to hear it? Or have you reservations it could only disappoint u (sic), so you would rather Mansun maintaina brilliant thing of our pasts?

Would you want the band (original members or otherwise) to do one more Greatest Hits tour for the devotees? The Stone Roses certainly pulled it off recently, despite the unsavoury 1996 end and highly-unlikely chances of a reunion.

How about another album? Draper is a fan of Suede, and their comeback album was excellent. Or would it tarnish their Legacy?

One thing that is confirmed for 2014 is the Fan Convention in Chester. The date and details are not known as yet, although there rumours of a tribute band, and Paul Draper has tweeted hints that some unique items may make an appearance. Does this sound like your idea of fun?

Decisions, Decisions!


Since Paul Draper’s blog post marking the tenth anniversary of ‘Six’ being released, there had been very little from him or the band. His own website and social media pages disappeared.

That was until Draper held a fascinating interview with Sir Paul McCartney for the Drowned In Sound site in 2012. A year later, Draper spoke exclusively to the same site about the classic ‘Six’ album, on the fifteenth anniversary of its release, which was the start of a host of (public) activity:

A fan petition for the release of Paul Draper’s solo album was reported by sites including Louder Than War, which was then also re-tweeted by Draper himself.

Around the same time, that old Mansun humour resurfaced once Draper discovered an LA rapper known as @OFFICIALMANSUN, with the NME recording the Twitter transcript.

In December, Draper then gave an exclusive interview to Louder Than War, reported in two parts, discussing the ending of Mansun, the Kleptomania album, a fifth Mansun album, as well as his production work and, of course, that solo record.

Also in December, Mansun opened an official Twitter account, the mysterious ‘Dark Mavis’ band spokesperson resurfaced, and they combined to announce plans for a Fan Convention in 2014. There are rumours of a tribute act performing at the event, plus photos of various bits of equipment and possible recording files.

More information at the Official Mansun site: http://mansunofficial.tumblr.com/

You may find the image on the banner of this site looks familiar. I therefore make no apologies for the giddy nature of this post, or any puns included!


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