My Top 10 Albums of 2013

I was asked by (sic) Magazine to compile my favourite ten records released this year. I shall be revealing them here a day at a time through to the end of December.

This year saw some surprise comebacks (David BowieThe Strokes), a Psych revival (HookwormsThe Lucid Dream) and the rise of female-fronted rock (SavagesHAIMPins), and picking highlights is extremely difficult.

Nevertheless, here are the ten albums which stick out for me at this moment in time, for an array of different reasons, but with the one common factor being that I think they are all great records.


10. Arctic Monkeys – AM

It can be easy to forget just how big the Arctic Monkeys are, but their cameo at last year’s Olympics and headlining Glastonbury was a timely reminder before this, their fifth straight UK number 1 album. AM sees Alex Turner and co progress the sound of Suck It And See, adding a West Coast Hip-Hop feel, whilst retaining the all the clever lyrical style and delivery Turner is known for.


One thought on “My Top 10 Albums of 2013

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